Bike How-To: Tips, Tricks And More!

So far, on this blog, I’ve covered a lot of bike buying guides. And I’ve been getting a lot of appreciation from you guys on it, which makes me quite happy.  After all, there is enough mis-information and half-information out there, that it is nice to have a decent resource that just compares bikes for you.

However, I’m realizing that there is a huge hole in the world of How-To information.  There are a few reasons for this.  To begin with, the technology behind cycling is constantly changing, and that changes how we ride and how we approach training and conditioning. Even more so, our understanding of the science behind cycling is constantly changing.

For example, Lactic acid used to be a bad thing.  Now it’s just a byproduct of our intense riding.

So I’ve decided to take a stab at providing you with relevant information and links to help you along the way.

Pedal Harder.

Nick Halden